Welcome to techos de México

Tourist rooms operating under this brand. Ensuring service quality and allows greater scope mini business marketers.

In pre-Hispanic codices symbol "Calli" represents a house. The designs on its base are "Ollin"which means movement. Foot needless to say, mark the way.

Words Of the Coordinator

Remarks by the Coordinator Let me begin by thanking the families who are already working in their homes for their participation and confidence in the project. Seeking to better understand these words, my interest because the association to grow and strengthen day by day.

I believe in a Mexico with a better distribution of tourist income. If you build a community with tourism potential income 20 / 4 (small hotel) we will have created 20 mini companies that give their owners a better standard of living. It is very healthy for our tourism industry to make efforts to create a dense layer of domestic entrepreneurs to base their competitiveness on low cost products with high quality and attractiveness of the small scale and personal relationship.

I believe in tourism as an agent of real human exchange. The joint work of visitors and visited by a common goal enriches both parties. We lived so far in the construction workshops are examples of this. For volunteers, the experience does not end with the workshop. Chacala and their families will remain a family and a house known where to vacation in Mexico. I'm sure these "responsible tourists" truly believe in the slogan:

"The best of México is the smile of the people"

Doing business and therefore money, develop a tourist destination has to go hand in hand with community growth and environmental stewardship. Ours is a project to the local self-sustained economic development. A community with financial resources and good planning is a community that can easily solve their problems of garbage, sewage, water and money. To simply paying attention to nature that makes one rich.

Many thanks to all who have contributed money to increase the pool and allow interest-free loans, thanks to all who have come to work with us in supporting our efforts.

Thanks to the tourists staying in "Roofs of Mexico"

Mr. Jose Enrique del Valle Coordinator of the project "Techos de Mexico."